In 1972
DIABCO the mother company was established as the exclusive distributor foruniversal tractors Bucharest UTB,through which 50000 UTB tractors were imported, sold and serviced allover Egypt

In 1998
EL DEYAB Agriculture & Environment Development was established with a registered capital of 36 Million EGP under the law of 159/1981 as the exclusive distributer forLamborghini agriculture tractors and is considered nowadays the pioneer company in the Arab Republic of Egypt & Republic of Sudan in the field of Supplying agriculture, industrial andconstruction equipment, where the company has the exclusivity to market the brands DEUTZ-FAHR, SAME, Lamborghini, Merlo and Graford. The Company Head Office is located in Cairo, the Service Center and the assembling plant is located at Cairo - Alex. Agro Road on an area of 17000 m2
In 2004
EL DEYAB for Parts & Service was as established a specialized company for After Sale Service, for the equipment sold by the group and located in Qalyoub.
In 2006
EL DEYAB signed a “ Knowhow “ agreement with “ SDFG”, in which provides the license to local assembly of the SAME Brand with some local components, in which affected the cost structure of the tractor, and gave the company the access to some African countries not covered by “ SDFG “.
In 2008
the company adapts a new market development strategy to expand regionally; the achievement of this strategy was the exclusivity in the Sudan market for the two brands Lamborghini and Same
In 2009
the R&D department succeeds to introduce a new product serving the oil and Gas sector with the co-operation of SDF design department, “ELDEYAB welding crawler” shows Fabulous results in cutting time and cost compared by the conventional system. It is now working in Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and other countries. The new equipment holds ELDEYAB brand name


In 2010
D.I.B INDUSTRY CO. LTD was established as a sister company at SUDAN for supplying equipment and agriculture tractors with exclusivity to market brands Deutz-FAHR, SAME, Lamborghini, Merlo